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About “Messene - A Dream come True”

‘Brilliant! I couldn’t put the book down all evening and feel truly inspired by it. The book grabs hold of you and reads like an exciting thriller!’
Silke Mueth-Herda, archaeologist

‘I’ve already devoured your account of the Dream come True-city twice. I’m inspired by your articulate presentation of history, mythology and the latest scientific insights.’
Prof. Dr. Günther Seus, TU Munich

‘I would like to let you know that I enjoyed your book so much that I immediately set off for Messini myself after finishing it. I’m convinced that if, back in my schooldays, we’d had access to a similarly lively and well written account of the Peloponnesian War, the experience would no doubt have been a lot more pleasurable.’
Gottfried Luber

‘Your account is clear and convincing. I’d like to hereby order all forthcoming titles in the series in advance.’
Heinz Unger, author

‘The authors have succeeded in creating a very lively and lifelike picture by employing both fictional ancient characters and real modern-day people to tell their story.’
Patrick Hofmann, Griechenland Zeitung